Clay is my passion and Decoration is my language.

My earlier work sought to decipher decoration’s meaning and relationship to our current world. In 1996, I created Arabesque Pottery, a studio line of functional and non-functional forms that complement my larger one-of-a-kind pieces. The work is wheel thrown or slab built then hand carved by me at a wet clay stage called ‘leatherhard’.

‘Arabesque’ literally means ‘arab-like’ and was coined by Europeans to define movements in the arts influenced by Islam. You’ll find an arabesque in poetry, dance, music and architecture. I am using it for the visual reference to an architectural detail known 
as an arabesque, or in layman’s terms, a ‘curlicue’, which you will find in a lot of my work. The arabesque suggests the beauty
and continuity of life.

In 2006, I had the great pleasure of traveling to China for a residency. The result of that visit has been the return to larger scale sculptures, now incorporating figurative references. And I still create the pottery line. Both the sculptures and the pottery have historical references to European and Asian ceramic history
as well as everyday 
Canadian life.


Diane Sullivan

Master of Fine Art , Ceramic Art
University of Washington, 1994

Bachelor of Fine Art, Ceramics
Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, 1992

Working in clay full time since 1990

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